Our employees make us great!

-We have nearly 250 combined years experience in the grain & feed business.
-Our manufacturing abilities can sometimes save $100+ per ton over the "majors."
-Our Grainbank Programs offers 90 days free corn & oat storage.
-We have a large selection of low cost bird seed & pet food.
-We load your feed and deliver within 45 mile radius.


All through September mineral and tub promotions

10% off of Kent 365 ADE mineral and Maquoketa Feeds’ Chelate mineral
$4 off Kent Energilass lick tubs

Feeders Available

Apache Creep Feeders Available

Apache Creep Feeders Available
150 bu double sided with springs 70 bushel one sided
Call for all pricing and availability

Green Acres Livestock Feeders Available

Variety of Green Acres Feeders available!
Call the office or stop in for all inquiries! We do not keep everything in stock at all times.

Patriot Creep Feeders

Easy open ground controlled fill door. Easy up and easy down spring loaded
gates. Easy up and easy down feed gate with handles.